Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Snooki CRASHING into Police car!

The usual, Snooki on the loose! Always drunk and out of control! Snooki crashed into a Police car in Italy while filming her fourth season of "Jersey Shore." It's so SHOCKING that Snooki wasn't drinking! I guess Snooki is just a HORRIBLE driver!

I still cannot believe that Jersey Shore is on it's fourth season!?! They get paid to get drunk and "do" anyone in reaching distance!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Khloe & Lamar Season Finale!

Khloe & Lamar's last episode is showing tonight! What a great season, it's been! My favorite episode is probably when they were working on "Unbreakable" together! Both Khloe and Lamar didn't always agree on everything, during the process of making the fragrance work! Lamar hated the top of the bottle that Khloe picked out! Maybe Lamar should have helped out a little more than if he hated the top of the fragrance bottle so much!!

We absolutely CANNOT get enough of these KARDASHIAN'S!

Hopefully they're playing on filming a second season.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Kris Jenner, changing back to (Kardashian)

Kris Jenner, is considering changing her last name back to "Kardashian." I mean this Mom-enger (Manager)  built such a HUGE brand, "Kardashian" who doesn't want the last name Kardashian! 

Kris Jenner

Kim's 2 MILLION dollar ring!

Still Cannot believe that MY Kim Kardashian is engaged! I hope Kris understands that she's a lot to handle! Her ring is worth 2 million dollars! Its a ROCK, its HUGE! Kim's only been seeing Kris for 6 months! Hopefully everything all works out. And it's kind of weird that her soon to be husband and mom have the same name!

Her 2 million dollar RING!! What a diva!

Kate & William coming to HOLLYWOOD!

William and Kate will be visiting Los Angeles July 8th. William and Kate are staying in the Beverly Hills Hotel in the NEW 14,000 dollar a night presidential bungalow! Many celebrities cannot wait to welcome them, including the Beckham's, and Elton John also offered to throw them a party to welcome them to California. They plan on staying in LA for 3 days but plans may change, but for sure 24 hours. They are also going up to San Francisco.

If your living in LA might want to go away for a few days since its going to be NUTS!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Traveling Overseas

Traveled to Europe over spring break! I had the most amazing time ever! We traveled to so many different places in London and Paris! We also ventured off into Oxford and Stratford! My FAVORITE site was definitely the Eiffel tower! I will be returning to Europe for sure in the future :D